11 April 2016

10 Years on Stardoll

Good Evening, 

 So last week on Stardoll we was told that Stardoll was celebrating 10 years,which left me thinking has anyone stayed with Stardoll since day one ? And if anyone did, did any of them come from paperdoll heaven ?

I only been with Stardoll since 2013 and only joined to help with my O.C.D my girls made me so I would stop changing round the home. BTW I still do so that did not work. Anyway I have even found it hard to stay with stardoll, to much has changed, shops that I loved just pack up and left Miss Sixty and yes ladies Decades to :( we then had Archives be replaced by the name that should not be said, For some reason the sales that happened once a month stopped so did the extra sd we got if we was to top up. I know I could go on for ever with the amount that we have seen change in the last year, and OK it might be my age but I really do not like so many changes more so if really Stardoll taking but not giving.

OK some good points from me. I love that I get more rooms to change round plus a bonus my pets, kids not partner get to mess them up, I love that I have found other adults that play the game and trust me we are a lot, and I have become great friends with them, I do think it is great that Stardoll have HAVE heard us and done some things that we have ask nicely for. 

Only one I know that did join back in 2008 is my Daughter She had lost her 1st account due to sharing it and then having the password changed on her, She joined as part of a lesson at her school  and I still remember her begging me for money and telling me she had to wait up till silly o clock for LE to come out. I remember telling her that she is mad it is only a game and to get to sleep :) but yes I have been there and I know 99% of you have to.

I found a picture of my doll from when I first started and Wow with the help of designers and real money my doll has changed a lot. Wish I could just do that with my own body. But it takes money and dieting :) ie being good and eating what is good for you :( 

                                                                     2013 and 2014 looks

2015 and 2016 looks

Oh and I know if I am here in another 4 years I will look back and think OMG that was the look in 2016 :) 

   Well anyway it is my son 15th on Tuesday and bless he back at school on that day. So if I do see you then have a great week.

Take Care
Crazy Charmy xoxo 

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