9 April 2016

Welcome To Stardoll Daily Dose

 So you all know me as CrazyCharmy and you know Notnoworlater from Stardoll. I have been asked by many to start up my blog again, which as you know the old one did not go well and I became busy in life which I am still on some days, but I have said I would set one up and with the help of Notnoworlater.

Many of us want to come to a blog and feel safe we want to be able to have a chat,fun and not have to deal with fights. We do not mind debates nor others sharing options so please feel free to do so, but keep it fun and no swearing

We do not wish to make too many rules up as We are not your mother and we think if you are old enough to find it here then you are old enough to know right from wrong

We have gone for just a simple template for now and have not made many changes. As I just want to see how this goes.

For the name of the blog we played around with a few names, but we felt that Stardoll Daily Dose was the one as we all know that we all have been hooked to Stardoll at one point in time.

So last of all please let me/us know what you would like to see go on here. Please leave a comment on this post or any other post that is made

Many Regards
     CrazyCharmy and Notnoworlater

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