27 April 2016

A Day at Office

     Hi Everyone,

     I'm having a very busy week, Since last week I have been on a project due to today. I have been able to finish it yesterday. After a long time I spent 14 hours in front of computer with less than an hour of break in total. Even my boss told me he had a nightmare yesterday that I was fainting. I think I have no chills sometimes. But the best part is doing what I love to do. I wish this for everyone else.
     I hope everyone is having a nice week. Spring came and weather here is perfect. You want to run in the fields and sing with birds like a Disney princess.
     So! I was thinking of making a post  about office outfits. What I do is planning on Sunday for 6 days worth of outfits, makeup and accessories. It's not like I follow strictly but saves me a lot of time.

    Your outfit also affects the people you're working with. If it's pleasant, it somehow adjusts to their relationship with you and their own performance (not sure how it works though) I have certain rules of thumb.

     If we need to start from underwear, you'll need try to keep it simple. It might not be comfortable, or visible for office clothes.

     Transparent, sweaters, cropped, spaghetti straps and glowing tops are often unattractive when you try to present your most recent ideas.  However collared, button-up oxfords are always cool. Also monochrome tops keeps people's  attention to what you're explaining or what you're working on. I believe colors are not a big deal, as long as you choose them fitting to your style. And a bit of frill, studs or zippers are cool.

     As for bottom pieces, it's best to keep the disco pants, old jeans, tiny skirts, hotpants and yoga tights at home. My country is a bit conservative so it's not proper to show too much skin if you want to be striking at office. But a perfect fit jeans are great for casual fridays. Also office bottoms have their own attraction. You can also deviate with some interesting colours, shapes here.

     Dresses are my favorite office item. They're quick to put on and easy to style. I just don't wear them much on stardoll, since if I want to save my 20 minutes of sleep on stardoll, i just go and sleep.
     In my opinion as long as you follow the former rules, you have endless range to chose in every price. But I don't believe you need rules for jackets. you just put on, put on your heels and shades. And you're always "It"

     I don't have rules for shoes or accessories. I even wear my red patent platform creepers with a leather pencil skirt and never felt less intimidating when I need to. But choosing the right shoes is good for your physique and comfort. A good bag is your signature. Fine accessory gives a statement. I read it in a men's magazine once, a good and preferably expensive pair of sunglasses shows that you like to take care of small and fragile things.
     These are "my" rules. But it's always good to define your own. What you wear, defines you. Rebelling is inconvenience, but revolutionary impression is always looked up. Even your rivals will respect you and they will take your challenge worthy. Also make sure you wake up to be excited for your next office hours. If not, don't waste your time sitting on that table and torture yourself.

      What do you wear while you work? Comment how would you wear at your work, or dream job! Would you agree or disagree?



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