20 April 2016

Can we make a great outfit from free gifts ?

 Good Evening,

As many of you know I have been having a clear out, I did start this back in November and while doing this I find a shirt that was a gift and that I never liked till I made some great looks from it by placing it under a sweater like how Grey wear's them from Grey's Anatomy.

So I thought I would try make some outfits from other free gifts we have had from Stardoll 

First outfit is using the gold and black stripe pants I added a top from Diesel and a pair of black heels

My second outfit the pink and cream dress and I added a free pink jacket with the Dior bag and just some simple pink and silver heels 

My third outfit is with using the yes the free Facebook dress, well this one is not easy so I added a 
cardi from Killah and shoes that was a freebie. I think she dressed to meet her future mother in law.

Next we have my fourth outfit and Wow I have never liked this dress might be because I had 40 of them but I did it I made an OK outfit I think using the best sweater the Chanel one and I added a pair of Dior free heels. This outfit was not easy 

My fifth outfit is with using the Facebook free pants not to bad but never have used them but I did a Grey again and added a Cheap Monday white shirt ( you could always use the Basic one both look about the same) I then used the Its Girls baggy sweater and a pair of free sneakers 

My last outfit for this week goes to the Dork Diaries pale blue jacket, I kept it simple just by added a light pants and a light blue bag also some Basic flats

Well that brings us to the end as you see you can make something so bad look Ok 

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