21 April 2016

Infamous Elle Basic Miniskirt

      Hi Everyone,

     This is Cyber. My first post on this blog is about the "Elle Basic Miniskirt" which is released in the most recent Callie's Picks. It is such a versatile item, there are endless possibilities of an outfit, for various styles.
Re-released Skirt: 14(16)sd

     The skirt is released in 2008 with the first collection of Elle. It was released with another infamous black skirt. However the design of the other skirt is rather fancy. 

Elle Store in 2008
    The next year, they released one more collection and store is closed in mid-2010. When the pieces hit the bazaar at the time, their prices were very high. We had an "Archive" store, but it only re-released items in regular stores. So the prices eventually got higher as the number of users increased.
    In 2013 Callie's Picks released. The collections included tribute stores, real brands, and hotbuys. They did minor changes on some pieces. Also new id numbers generated for these collections and labels changed. The prices of many items have dropped. But Elle Basic Miniskirt was still exceptional, but not unexpected.
     The skirt is often mistaken by some newer users with the Basics collection, and as expected they were in starcoins. When the basics collection was released, there was a single currency system. So you had to spend stardollar. Not many wanted to spend their precious stardollars on basics store or left the site already, thus they're not very easy to find in bazaar. But if you are patient enough, you might be able to catch some in bazaar. This is my collection in the picture. It's not the complete collection. There are more interesting colors of this skirt.
Miniskirts Released Under Basics Store
     Anyways, I was happy to be able to get this Elle  piece.
    Show us, how you style this skirt if you bought. It would be great to see dolls style the colorful ones as well.

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