19 September 2016

A Small Comp, while we wait....

A small competition while we wait....

It is Monday and I am home with an ill child.  
So to help pass the time I thought a little competition would be fun!

Time to go riding with Rosie.doll!

What do you need to do?

  1. Dress your doll for a day of horse (back) riding.
  2. Be creative, cute, and stylish.
  3. Western or English
  4. Try not to look like the other dolls, you want to stand out!
  5. But it has to be believable too.
  6. Think about your hair, make-up, shoes, etc....
  7. You can dress your doll in the plaza or your suite.
  8. Same with make-up & hair!

I will pick 3 dolls..

Winners get one item from their wish list, up to 25 Stardollars.

Have fun!

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