12 September 2016

Strike A Pose - Styling

Hello Dolls,

I took the corner of Charmy this week as she is busy with real life. Since last week's highlight was SAP release, I thought we can give an idea what to do with new out of box items sitting in your closet.

Here what I come up with:
  • Granny Couture

I didn't think much about this one when I piled one thing after another. However didn't turn out bad. 
Indeed those socks and clogs are what a granny would wear here. But should throw on things we're not comfortable with sometimes. Mostly Chanel pieces used here. 

Strike a Pose - Chic Blazer Pose light (106sd)
Tingeling - Watch Necklace (i paid a lot)
Callie's Picks - CC Gold Necklace (12sd)
Callie's Picks - Studded Clogs (20sd)
Limited Edition - Cashmere Lace Scarf (41sd)
Bonjour Bizou - Ribbed Crop Tank Top (13sd)
Inspired By: Dolce & Gabbana Tribute - Exquisite Fringe Coat (30sd)
Inspired By: Balmain Tribute - Shiny Gold Collar (13sd)
It Girls - Brown Socks (12sc)
Underneath Stardoll - Strapless Top Sand (9sd)
Underneath Stardoll - Bandeau Bra Sand (8sd)
Chanel Tribute - Leather Trenchcoat (36sd)
Riviera - Solid Gold Choker (4sd)
Chanel Tribute - CHanel Globe Purse (33sd)

  • Theatrical Chic

Here I messed a bit around with layering. I love gold, tassles and feathers. It also took me a little trick while picking up cage purse from closet and attach to the SAP piece. I clicked furthest right of the square to put it on doll, and dropped it while cursor is on furthest part of arm. So it still hangs on the doll. 

Strike A Pose - Modern Cut Jacket Light (99sd)

Inspired By: Jimmy Choo Tribute - Mindy Metallic Heels (30sd)
Pretty n' Love - HotBuys Super Tassel Necklace (12sd)
Bod Mod - Witch Feather Shoulders (12sd)
MS.TQ - Butterfly Hairpiece (8sd)
SubCouture - Marchesa Inspired Pom Poms (10sd)
Limited Edition - Max Mara Inspired Gold Skirt (80sd)
Fallen Angel - Lovebirds Purse (150sc)
9to5 - Rockstar Pilots (4sd)
Inspired By: John Galliano Tribute - Galliano For Dior Runway Makeup (13sd)
Starpoint Rewards - Perfectly Styled Scarf (0)
Mr. - Black Turtleneck Sweater (18sd)

  • Manly Walk
Unlike the rest of the looks, not the whole look is attached to the doll. The dog, bag, floor and hanging jacket are the only stuff attached on doll. Rest are resized and put on right layer order. 

Strike A Pose - Jeans And Sneakers (117sd)
Limited Edition - Dolce Travel Case (99sd)
Limited Edition - Alex Cardigan (150sd)
Inspired By: Fendi - Karlito Black Shawl (20sd)
Decades - Jubilant Sweater (13sd)
Fallen Angel - HotBuys Leather Shirt (15sd)
Pals - Camilla Hanging Jacket (14sd)

  • Cursed Boudoir 
In real and doll life, I splurge on basic pieces like tights, undergarments, and shoes. So it doesn't matter what you put on above, you somehow fix it to look good. Yes! I paid 27sd to the tights. But the shadings were nice. This is not the look I usually go for, but was fun to pull. 

Strike A Pose - Tigh High Effect Tights (27sd)
Limited Edition - Stretch Pleather Body (100sd)
PPQ - PPQ Chiffon Shorts (16sd)
Fallen Angel - Chained Bat Necklace (77sc)
Old Beginner items - Tights (0sc)
Unferneath Stardoll - Biker Short Sand (10sd)
Limited Edition - LE Jewel Choker Necklace (32sd)
Museum Mile - Classic W High Plattforms (111sd)
Inspired By: Marc Jacobs Tribute - Dark Drama Bomber Jacket (33sd)
Callie's Picks - Silver Corner Shades (11sd)
Fudge - Hot Hot Buys Bracelet (11sd)

  • { Enter some title comes to your mind. I ran out of ideas }
I think of upcoming school semester so much I suppose, that's all I could come up with for converse shoes. Well that bag fits books, and you can use the scarf as pillow while resting between long hours of lectures. 

Strike A Pose - Canvas Grey Sneakers (32sd)
Fallen Angel - Leather Strap Leggings (13sd)
Limited Edition - LE Asymetrical Black Top (70sd)
SubCouture - Subcouture Glam Bag (15sd)
Bonjour Bizou - Thick Grey Knit Scarf (9sd)
PPQ - Sleeveless White Turtleneck (12sd)
Frankie Morello Tribute - Riot Jean Skirt (33sd)
Antidote - Sheer Black Body (43sd)
Inspired By: Oscar de la Renta - Mermaid Flower Top (15sd)

What did you do with the SAP? Did you buy any? 

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