8 September 2016

Tips on Outfits

Hi Everyone,
How is your week going? Do you have any plans for Friday night? Me and my Australian friends are planning to have a night swimming in the sea and a dinner. I'm so excited. Also had a Turkish Coffee at my close and very old friend. I'm so glad we didn't change much for the last 15 years :'D However earlier the week was kind of depressing. I really feel weak when I'm incapable of doing something that is very simple for someone else. I born in Turkey, but brought up by parents who are completely different. It has a lot of nice traits, but I'm not home-schooled as I had to interact with other kids. 

Being different from others might sound cool if it's something you can control. If it's something unpleasant, you become self conscious. You cannot be invisible, your looks or your personality do not allow you to be so. I always yearned to be someone fit into the environment, but could not follow many things. So I always stood out. I had to put a barrier not to be the end point of jokes. This made me look I'm content with life and always social even when I'm not. I had to lock away my insecurities and fears. There were many of my birthdays passed people just assumed I'm having party somewhere. As an example, "we'd like you to join us for your birthday, but you probably have something planned". No... I ended up celebrating it with my parents having cake. Not that it's a sad thing, but... 

Well this is a bit of chit-chat about me. It's not that I'm sad about it anymore. Here is some coffee for anyone bothered for this part 

Today I'd like to give simple tips / tricks on outfits. Mr Eggplant will accompany my doll, throughout the session.Eggplant is designed by Fantaaa

  • Tops - No Sleeves

My mother always wears sleeveless tops, she puts on a jacket, cardigan, coat, cape.. but underneath she never wears long sleeves. She recommended me the trick, after years I decided to consider it. 

  1. It made my posture look even better
  2. Shoulder view adds a bit of elegance in your look. You should see Audrey Hepburn.
  3. Too keep them in view, pushes you to work out for your arms even if they're simple.
  4. If you have large bust, keeps the spotlight on your posture.

Here I used:
  1.  PPQ - pearl top (13sd)
  2. Melbourne Minimalism - sleeveless scuba top (14 sd)
  3. PPQ - sleeveless white turtleneck (12 sd)

  • Dresses - Perfect Fit
I believe one thing unsafe to buy without trying is dress. A dress is always designed for specific body type. I always noticed, a dress fits different to everyone. Even if they looked good, they still give the different vibe.

In my opinion, the perfect dress is perfect fit dress. It should have the fitting cut, sewn to wrap the upper body and wrap or fall stylishly on the lower body. Even if a knitted fabric used, it should have a sturdy material.

Those dresses usually go everywhere and called Little Black Dress. You can go to work, party, or church in them.

My examples include:

  1. Bonjour Bizou - Crisp white fitted dress (15sd)
  2. Evil Panda - Yellow tartan preppy dress (14sd)
  3. Nelly - Game is on dress (16sd)

  • Bottoms - High Waists
Until few years ago I hated high waists. I loved low cut in everything. I cannot explain why, but one day I put a skirt on with higher waist. It doesn't only adjust to your leg height, it also covers your waistline. Although I'm 1.59m (5'4") tall, I have very long legs but shorter upper body, as I can't have thin waist line. In result, I look like god forgot to make a waist for me, but went full on long legs. It also gives a taller illusion. So if you're hanging out with someone taller, you won't feel out of place. As a bonus these sorts of bottoms adjust to your posture s well. You can always feel confident in them. 

Couple of examples:

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute - Higher than high waist skirt (17 sd)
  2. The Jetset - Destroyed jeans (16sd)
  3. Callies Picks - Ruffle buds skirt (23sd)

  • Shoes - Exposed ankles
During my Hiphop phase, I always went for high-top sneakers. I don't know why I liked them, but wore all the time. One day my father said, why are you wearing those? They don't wrap your ankles, as it makes them unsafe when you want to run with them, and they make you look shorter. Of course at first I didn't listen. But eventually I noticed they don't look cool as I imagined they would. 

My style changed a lot, as I went more for casual but dressy look. I noticed ankle straps look prettier. Boots with proper grip on ankle could be worn with everything. Also I stopped wearing sneakers. I still have my platform converse shoes. However I only wear sport outfits when I do sport. As I wear more functional and plain items when I do sports.

The types of shoes I mentioned above:
  1. Nelly - Iris Shoes (20sd)
  2. Active - Red and Black Sneakers (100sc)
  3. Pretty n' Love - Hotbuys champagne lace ups (12sd)

So here are my opinions on simple outfit tips. Here I'm not talking about single style. You can use these tips in gothic, casual, sports chic, hipster, emo looks. I tried to be as versatile as I could be. As I like to keep my dressing up and preparing to head out as short as possible. 

Do you have your own rules of thumb while dressing up? 

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