1 September 2016

Sweet Look


Hi Everyone! 

Are you having a nice week? Again this Thursday I'm going to fill your heads with my random articles. I'll also make you a little hungry! This week I'm inspired by desserts from all over the world. I came up with the idea while I was making a pudding. So here we go.

  • Firstly, I start with my favorite dessert in Turkey. Most of you will tell me about Turkish Delight and Baklava. But we have loads of desserts. Mostly syrup based as this one called Şekerpare. It's a cookie with semolina base and nut topping, served with lukewarm simple sugar syrup. It's delicious. So I styled a dress up of a Turkish girl, who knows all about house making and child caring. Girls here are pretty tough as they are not clingy, easy to cry, or weak. I don't know why, but girls traditionally raised to endure hardships and stand strong. 

  • My second take is on tiramisu, as it is my favorite Italian dessert and probably the second favorite food after the Parma cheese. You probably saw it in many forms. But the original recipe should have "lady fingers" base, which is mainly of vanilla, egg and sugar. Also the pudding part should be a nice labneh cheese or ricotta cheese. There is some coffee liquor in original recipes, I saw. And my girl here is styled after my old housemate's Italian girlfriend. She was super smart, and I thought she was a model. She turned out to be Electronic engineer doing her thesis on electromagnetic theories.  As she had a natural pure beauty, she had a really classy daily look. I always thought faux fur would look good with her. But couldn't convey it, as she didn't speak English v.v

  • This is often mixed with Crème Brûlée, however this is Crema Catalan, a dessert from Catalan cuisine. It's usually served in St Joseph's day. My favorite part is the caramalized top, so I'd usually want it served in wider but shallow plate. The lemon zest in the custord tastes so nice as well. One good memory with my ex in France, who had sweet tooth. Although Catalans and Spanish people live in the same country it always felt to me Catalans are more Mediterranean oriented people who love sun and sea all the time. 

  • This is a Malaysian dessert which is very common in Singapore, called Ais(ice) Kacang. This is shaved ice with fruit syrup, corns and red beans. It was my favorite thing that my Singaporean friends served to us when they visited Turkey. As this reminds me of my friend Sharlyn, since we chatted a lot while eating this. So I modeled the doll after her and mixing colourfulness of Ais Kacang in her looks.

  • These are Mochis, traditional sticky rice cake from Japan. I saw they are pretty easy to make, as I'm planning to [maybe some day in far future]. They have very simple recipe. You can serve them as in small pieces, rolls, with different fillings. I tasted the ice cream mochis before. They gave me this squishy kawaii feeling in my mouth. So I think this bunny girl on right, conveys my feeling. 

  • If you ask me what is my favorite French dish, I'd reply Poires Pochées au Vin. I love the butter, wine and cheese of France. But these fellas are so tasty and had a good nap in spiced wine for some long time. When the pears lay in the wine so long, they also start to fermentate. The alcohol level can rise pretty high due to the wine, fruit sugar and external sugar. As it is best served with this vanilla custard or ice cream. However fill your mouth with caution to not get drunk in the middle of day. I think it's a devilish and dangerous dessert. So it should be this lady. 

  • As I don't know much about eastern desserts much, I can only think of this Indian dessert I tried two years ago, thanks to my Indian friend. It is called Ras Malai. Ras stands for juice and Malai stands for cream. Although it doesn't look so, it tastes a bit of like cheesecake. It's cooked with sugar syrup, milk, saffron, pistachios, and kheer (rice pudding). You should definitely give it a try. So I dressed you an Indian girl in saffron and pistachios :)

What is your favorite dessert? Would you like to make an outfit from it? 

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