16 September 2016

Decades of Fashion


How are you all? Yesterday was the last day of Eid, so we went to travel in mountains. The place is called "Saklıkent", which means "hidden city". It is a skiing mountain. We have been living in the city for 16 years but his is the first time we went there. The most impressing part of the whole experience is the difference of the climate from the center. Taking two hours of route, you experience 10 degrees of difference on an average day. Even in the hottest day of the year, when you can swim in the downtown with 40 degrees, you'll find 25 degrees of chill there. It is also the only spot where it snows and stays white enough to ski in the region. It's one of the most famous skiing spots in the country. 

This week I want to count down of eras of fashion! I hope you'll find this interesting. 

  • Mash-up 00s

This mostly covers my teen years, now looking back it was quite a disaster. It was the time of Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne... (My Chemical Romance, Blink182...) These celebrities were all over the teen magazines. We collected the posters, stickers etc. although we ended up putting up the polar bear and endangered species posters on our walls. 

The most highlighted pieces for fashion were cargo pants, layered tops, beads, beads, cargo pants, shiny cargo pants, jeans with heels, fishnets, and Avril Lavigne accessories. I must say you can hardly go right with beads.. But Avril Lavigne style hyped up our school uniforms. We changed our boring ties, with stolen ties from our male family members. We put on bangles, painted our nails dark, layered our shirts. Even our boring checkered skirts felt somewhat punk, so after a while we stopped complaining about them. I don't really want to talk about rest, as they were awful. I remember since there was a hair straightener trend, everyone tried to toast their hair ... including me. It didn't suit many people. There were worst cases though; girls ironing their hairs with clothing iron...

  • Grunge 90s

The last couple of years, being a 90s kid is something super amazing. It is for sure there were some amazing moments but in fashion sense, in my opinion was a fail. To me 90s is the last decade when kids played at street, played atari games, and creepy nickelodeon cartoons (seriously why did they make such cartoons??)

During 90s there were a lot of iconic pieces. Tattoo chokers are all around these days, but there are a lot of accessories missed, like spider headbands that made your forehead a billboard, butterfly clips with broken spring wings, troll and pacifier charms, tomogotchis, bottle necklaces with piece of rice has your name written on it... As for clothing; wrapping anything with long sleeves was a thing. Because, duh! Some teen on TV did. I know, we have it back. No idea why... I liked the printed biker shorts then though. I had different sorts of shorts. Also boho/festive vests were so popular. We're talking about the years where you held out light in concerts here. 


  • Blinding 80s

There are not enough words for me to express how much I dislike this era of fashion. The worse, in Turkey it stuck way longer. Someone tell me who came up with the shoulder pads and sweat bands? Even if they have function, it is better without them. Acid wash jeans, legwarmers, disco shirts... and stirrups! Everything in it gives me goosebumps. Leg warmers were still worn in my high school years... So my last sighting of them was in 2006. They actually pulled them very nice then though. Fanny packs were also a thing, I had my ninja turtle one when very little. I can't believe I found the same picture while searching. I also had a baseball cap to go with it. I was am a huge fan of TMNT

  • Glamorous 70s

I believe 70s is a vivid era. Futuristic designs were everywhere. There are some left over pieces from 60s were blended with futuristic designs. It was also the time of disco look, if you still wonder when did the shiny shirt, platform, bellbottom and chesthair (ew) combo came out, it was 70s. 
Do you remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears posed in double denim? This is the fault of this era as well. 
However I love prints and patterns. So I'm thankful for these dresses. I like knee socks as well, I don't think if I'll make a come back to them before reaching 30s but they are usually quirky piece to spice up your outfit. 
This era was also where punk scene went over board. Especially with weird piercing, those safety pin ones bring shivers down my spine. Studded accessories and mohawk hair are still interesting to me though. I also like the fur and the platforms of this era.

  • Mod 60s

Pop was the main theme of the decade. It's one of the most inspirational fashion eras. IT Girl, Birkin bag, boxy looks and geometric patterns were risen in this time. Twiggy, Bridgette Bardot, Jacqualine Kennedy, The Supremes, Audrey Hepburn were the most iconic personas of 60s. 

Jacqualine Kennedy, Onassis at the time inspired the Jackie-o style; chic wardrobe with effortless look. Matching color pieces, big sunglasses, perfect hair, elbow gloves, equestrian look, all white look.
1960 Givenchy suit was an iconic piece. I spotted Anne Hathaway in Batman, Dark Knight rises wearing a suit inspired of it while trying to make her run from Bane. 
60s also had a subera called youthquake, with lighter looks, miniskirts, vivid clashing colors, babydoll look, vinyl clothing. 


  • Post War 50s

There have been many innovations on the textile technology in late 40s, so this followed by practical fashion pieces such as Spandex fabric, volleyball shorts, casual sports wear. 

The era is labelled as return of fashion. The void history of fashion during war time started to take off from this point in a bigger speed along with the technological development. Fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Balenciaga took advantage of it and started to work on new clothing, and they advertised through media. 

Dior brought the "new look" with a longer skirts, rounded collars, belts. Also Balenciaga brought influence in the opposite direction, bringing an alternative to the tight waist look from Dior. T-Shirt Dress was brought to paris haute couture through this fashion house. 
In the meanwhile, New York fashion was based on casual look and sportswear. Women found the comfort of shorts! and they didn't want to let it go after the war. So many pants cut short for comfort of women. 
Also hats became shorter. This is my favorite era so far.

So what are you favorite eras? Is there certain piece from an era you like?

Sorry for the late post. Have a great Friday evening. I'm planning to have cinema time with my friend. Do you have any plans?

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