17 September 2016

Designer of the week

 I found this great designer while voting for jewelry designs so, I thought about showing you her amazingly detailed designs. 
(You should check her presentation and view each one to see details more clearly.)

She also designs hair, fashion and decor designs:

This is the only interior design I saw on her presentation but there's more mostly for walls and floors decoration.

I love seeing talented designers with great suites, I've been finding some recently including this designer so I encourage you to check her designs as well as her rooms Chekun. maybe you can also get ideas/inspiration if you're not good at decorating, if you're good you might get new ideas.
It's fine to learn new ideas or get inspired from anyone as long as you do not copy! also try to mention the original creator.

remember to enter my competition here if you didn't, I will just end soon if I didn't get more entries.

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