17 November 2016

Dolls Around Town!

Sometimes, it is good to get out of the house and hit the town!  This is what my doll did today, she put on her walking shoes and took a little tour of Stardoll city!

I want to introduce you to a few of the amazing dolls she met along the way...

Even in the rain, this doll makes looking good, look so easy.  Effortless style.

I get a bit of the bad boy feel from this doll, but I am sure that he also makes a great cup of tea.

This is like a dream...  So beautiful!

I want to be this cool when I grow up.  :)   I love everything about this outfit and doll.

The outdoor life has never looked so good.  

I love this classic look.  It is flawless.  And what makes it even more special, is the number of Stardesign items that she has used.  Individual Fashion.. the perfect fashion statement!

It was fun, taking the time to visit other dolls.   There are so many stylish dolls out there and so much talent.

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