3 November 2016

Interview With Aonuk

Question One: 
What made me join Stardoll ?  
As an Adult Barbie Collector, I was on my favorite Barbie site when I saw an ad for StarDoll. 
I decided to visit it and was pleasantly surprised. Since I could no longer afford to buy my favorite
dolls or outfits, I thought this was a site just for me! Designing my own doll and dressing in clothes
I could never afford in real life, plus decorating rooms and shopping! Almost Heaven! I am on Disability
retirement from The United States Postal Service, where I worked for 24 years. It was a horrible job that 
was run like the Military. Had to fight with them everyday about how long it would take me to put the mail
in order and deliver it. I took good care of my customers and could not wait to get out of the office
and on my Route where I was loved. When it got to the point of me going "Postal" I visited a Doctor
and got on medication for my Acute Anxiety and Depression. Kept my job for 10 years more after that
but finally had to leave. My supervisor was happy to sign the papers to get me out as I was out sick every
month. Still suffering from both illnesses and poor but at least I don't have to face the PO anymore.
Stardoll can be a great escapism from the real world that is falling apart before our eyes.

Question Two:
If you could have any other doll who would it be and why?
I think it would be DeafDeb. I love her Asian look, rooms and designs. And she creates OOAK Barbies 
in real life too!

Question Three: 
What is your favorite item ?
Has to be my Wolf, ever faithful companion.

Question Four:
What would you like to see new on Stardoll or see come back ?
I really like the old way of getting starcoins. That is visiting and rating people's Albums, Sceneries, etc.
To me it seems like no one visits anymore except to ask you to vote for them for something.(Exceptions tho)

Question Five: 
What would you like to see go ?
Broadcast. Seemed like an invasion of privacy to me. Do not like someone watching what I am buying or doing.

Thank-you Aonuk For taking the the time to answer the questions 

If you would like to be part of our Q&A then please contact me on Stardoll or our Facebook 



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