7 November 2016

The Hidden Gate

It was the summer when we moved into our new home a fresh start my parents called it, They had took all the savings and my sister and I and moved to a village called Stardoll where my parents had set up a bed and breakfast, my mother picked our home just on the beauty of the garden the flowers never seem to die and the river would shine like diamonds was flowing through the water 

While my parents kept busy with work and home my sister Notnoworlater and I would play outside in the garden with our dog Leo we would play hide and seek with him and then sit down on the warm grass and make daisy chains we would then place them onto the Rim river and watch them flow down . 

One  cold morning I woke up feeling unwell the Doctor had told my mum that I had came down with the chicken pox so my sister was not allowed to be around me. So she went outside with Leo and my mum took care of me, my dad took care of the guests a few hours had passed and my mother came in looking very worried she could not find my sister anywhere.

My parents searched for months for her alongside with the police and friends but it had seemed that she just vanished. The police was sure that she must have run away from home but we knew that she would never do that she was loved and she loved us . I couldn't bring myself to play outside and Leo was not the same either he would go lay down in the same spot everyday, My parents could not take it anymore seeing Leo and I suffer plus their dream was no more, so that was it we moved not far but still we moved from our fresh start and moved near the sea away from life it seemed 

A few years passed I had turned 21 I had not done much with my life I just could not enjoy life without my sister and my mum knew that I never wanted to leave our last home so my dad gave me this envelope inside was the deeds to the bed and breakfast my parents signed the place over to me and told me that I was welcome to sell if I wanted or do anything I wanted . In seconds I knew I was keeping the place and I was going to re open the place as a cafe

It only took a few weeks to take the dust sheets of the furniture order in the food buy new bedding and interview for new staff Leo even got a new bed which he only used in the evenings though the day he would go sit in the same spot where he would sit when my sister went missing

Everyday being here made me miss my sister more and more but I was happy to be back where I had and have some great memories I made some great friends moving back one girl called Emorox4eva she owned the local news blog called Stardoll Most Wanted  always came in for her coffee and cream cake wearing the most elegant outfits always looked like she should be the boss of Vogue but no she new where she belonged never wants to own everything or be rich she just helps others I became very close to her , another lady I got close to is Philotas she was our local Doctor this lady came in and always asked for toast with jam on one slice and peanut butter on the other her drink was always warm milk 

We had our share of evil people to, A few would come into our live into our places and steal from us with no help from the people that run Stardoll some really nice people left Stardoll because it seemed places of Stardoll became dark

I had been back 6 months now and it was 8 years to the day that my sister went missing I felt like I had to go be with Leo that was sitting where he always sat. I went outside and started to walk to Leo when the strangest thing happened there was a gate Leo was barking so loud at this gate 

At this point I was thinking that I was losing my mind but I had to open this gate and see what was on the other side. So I went though I open the gate and went though and on the other side was Notnoworlater my sister my 13year old sister was on the other side of the gate, she had not aged at all she was as pretty and the same age that she was the day she went missing. she looked at me and asked if she could help me I just looked at her and then I held her so tight and said her name I told her that I was Charmy her sister and she just cried she had thought that we had left her. 
We held each other for what seemed a lifetime . My sister let go first and she introduced me to the people that had been taking care of her, they were fairies  there was four of them named  Aonuk,Sumandark,Lula.Osorio and Vampirefreak these fairies was all in white and the most beautiful living things that I had ever seen. I asked them what had happened and they told me that a evil witch that  created a spell which made this gate appear once a year to take children but they was able to save my sister from this witch called Mamerala this gate would only appear for 12 hours. Notnoworlater told me that when it appeared the following year she came through but we had gone but she knew deep down that I would come back soon she then said I looked old. I then told her that it had been 8 years  Notnoworlater said no it only been a year which we both then realised time moved slow here so my sister started to cry and asked about our parents I told her that they knew she did not run away and they never gave up on her 

As you may have guessed the first thing we did was to ring our mum and dad and we told them what had happened my sister moved back with my parents she went to school and my parents still got to see her become a adult and marry and have a child .I stayed in Stardoll with my friends and finally made a life for myself and Leo never went back to that same spot he made a new spot on the bottom of my sisters bed 


Sorry if any tears even I thought I was in a sad place lol (BTW Watching Grey's Anatomy while doing this and yes I was crying to the show Bond dies) To all that have watched will understand


Ladies if you expert this challenge you must dress how you think I would picture you in this story 

Anyone want to play along must pick one of the characters named in the story and dress how you think they would look like all that try get a gift from they wishlist  

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