4 November 2016

Suite Inspirations with paria10


This doll is a legend on Stardoll.  The largest completed collections ever seen and amazing suites to display them.  It is a joy to visit his suites and marvel at his presentation.

**Which leads me to a very important observation that I would like to share with you.  We spend a huge amount of time talking about "hackers" and being safe on Stardoll.

There are many dolls on Stardoll with huge collections who have never been "hacked".  There are many old dolls with the most amazing items in their closets that have never been "hacked".  And I have always asked myself why not, if I were some huge hacker, wouldn't I go after these dolls.

My conclusion leads me to believe that most of what happens has to do with "scammers".  Dolls who are able to get you to visit a phishing site, without you even knowing it.  Dolls who are able to get you to open up about your real life, so that they can guess your password.  Dolls who are able to get you to share accounts with them, so that they can rob you later.

There are true "hackers" who have managed to compromise Stardoll's site.  These "hackers" do things like take over the Broadcast, manipulate the system so that when you click to buy a 2 SD item, you end up with a 600 SD item.  In the last weeks Stardoll has promised to take care of these threats and remove them, so that we can all feel safe while playing.  Two weeks ago this was a big thing, in the last weeks, I haven't see it happening.  I checked with Advice4newbies to see if there were any new topics and there weren't.   So it could be that Stardoll has actually done something about these threats.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We have mentioned many times how to stay safe, but here are a few more tips.

  • Don't give your password to anyone and make sure your password is not easy to guess.
  • Do not connect your Stardoll Facebook to your Stardoll account.  There is a weak link there.
  • Do not use your real Facebook account to join in on Stardoll Facebook.
  • Don't click on any links, on any blog or anywhere, with your Stardoll account open.
  • Don't break any Stardoll rules.
  • Please remember that there are scammers everywhere, so trust no one!
  • I am hoping that CC will put her famous list of other tips about being safe there too.  :)

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