14 November 2016

2 new floors of Mr.

What do you think?  Will you be buying anything?

I think it is rather expensive... but aren't most things on SD?

**Stardoll, if you happen to read this.  Please know that you are pushing away paying members with your reluctance to treat your players as adults.  Many have moved on from this game and many more are looking for other games to play.

We can handle you giving us release times and release schedules.

What we can't handle are all of the errors, mistakes, favoritism, and ridiculous decisions you make about limited releases.  You should never, ever, ever again release on a Saturday, when you don't have anyone around to fix all of the issues that your release causes.

You should also remember, you are a global game.  You have dolls waiting up all night or setting alarms, so that they can try to get to the release, only to find that it is glitching or everything is sold out within the first 5 mins because of other dolls being able to create links.

You are a multi-million dollar company, how about you invest more money in saving the game that has earned you all of this money, instead of wasting it on mobile games that we will never play.

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