24 November 2016

Interview with dadany972

Dadany972 is a lovely doll who lives in Paris, France.  If you have a chance, make sure to pay her a visit.  

Question One: 
When did you join Stardoll and why?  

I joined Sd in 2009, it was my daughter who initiated me.  My daughter no longer joins, she is focused on her studies.

Question Two:
Which doll do you admire the most and why?

In general I admire, the dolls that create designs, like BeAFoxxyLady, I am a fan of their creations! I love dolls who have a chic style like you.  (that reference made me blush.)

Question Three: 
What is your favorite item on Stardoll?

I love Young Hollywood style and PPQ, And style inspired by real creators.

Question Four:
What would you like to see new on Stardoll or see come back ?

DKNY and ELLE of course!!

Question Five: 
What would you like to see go ?

I'm not to delete things, SD brings together many styles, everyone must be able to find his happiness.

If you would like to be interviewed, please leave me a message here or on Stardoll. We would love to hear from you too!!

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