12 November 2016

LE Is Out!

The store front is up!

And thanks to Lula.Osorio, we know that they released these spoilers 9 hours ago.

We also know that they managed yesterday to plan a coordinated information blast about this release.

So, what does that mean for us today?  I am not sure.

But it would appear that Stardoll is doing its best to ensure that every doll has an equal chance at getting items from the store.  **This is a positive.

By hiding the spoiler numbers until the last possible moment, perhaps they are attempting to create a level playing field.

Will they be able to do a non-glitched, all items hitting the store & front page & catalogue at the same time release...  I have no idea.  But I hope for all dolls out there that Stardoll does manage to make it a bit fairer and that every doll has a chance to get the items that she really likes.

I am very busy today, so I don't have time to remain glued to my computer.  Sorry.  I don't know when the release will be, but I hope that SD does a good job of warning us, so that those who love LE can plan accordingly.

Happy Saturday!  Take care and play safe.

**if any of my good friends are on & i am not... if there are any nice accessory items or items that you think were just made for my doll, if you gift them to me, i will pay you back.  

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