3 October 2016

Beam Me Up Philotas! New Competition

Our own Philotas created this amazing suite and I couldn't be more excited about her amazing work!  So I thought we could do a competition in honor of her talent.

Create your best Star Trek outfit and post a picture of it below.

* It can be any type of outfit that would have fit into the series.
* An Alien
* A Crewwoman or Crewman
* An Evening outfit for a date with Captain Kirk
* A Galactic Councilperson

Let your creativity be your guide.

Competition closes on Friday, October 7th at Midnight CET

There will be 3 winners, who will get items from their wishlist.
1st - 50 SDs
2nd - 35 SDs
3rd - 20 SDs

I hope everyone will participate!  Have fun!!!

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