25 October 2016

Interviews With Stardoll Users

Hello All,

Welcome to a new post that we will bring to you every Tuesday or fortnightly, we will pick a user from Stardoll and interview them

This week I thought I would show you what sort of questions it will be based on by interviewing ME!

Question One, 
What made me join Stardoll ?

My Girls made me Join, I have O.C.D and G.A.D will not go into why but with these they can take over my life my O.C.D is a nightmare to live with for my kids too I would make them walk up stairs so the light switches would match ie both face up, No one can sit on my sofa as it would mess up my cushions, When their were younger they was not to sit on they beds as they could not make a mess. My daughter could play with her Barbies at the weekend but I would spend over a hour redressing them and doing the dolls hairs. So as you see I was and still can be a nightmare to live with. I used to play Farmtown but that game started to take over and I would be up all night on the game and fighting with anyone that touched my  trees plus I stopped going out housework in the day Farmtown at night. So I left that game and my girls joined me to Stardoll which at first I thought boring as you had to pay for the game if you want to enjoy for longer than 10 mins a day, which I said I will not pay for it that lasted a week maybe less.

Question Two,
If you could have any other doll who would it be and why?

For me it would have to be Rosie.Doll . This is before Stardoll updated the site and stopped our dolls moving, but her ideas on her rooms was and still is great. The Merry Go Round room and the bunnies was my favorite

Question Three, 
What is your favorite item ?

My white boots the free ones that I always have my doll wearing in one of my rooms I do not think they have ever been in my closet since I have owned them. With these I would have even paid LE prices

Question Four,
 What would you like to see new on Stardoll or see come back ?

Answer .
Would love to see the top up offers that we had once a month and I would love to see a way to turn OFF CHAT  

Question Five 
What would you like to see go ?

CALLIE PICKS to go  :)

Anything you would like to add?  Yes to all that are on Stardoll please remember this behind every doll is a real person, As you have seen I joined as I have O.C.D and G.A.D I have seen many more that join for the same reason and can be other reasons to, I would say about 50% join just out of boredom or because they friends joined so please be more aware on your words when talking to others :)

So as you see these are the sort of questions that will be asked .

Till Next Week 

Please remember to look at this post that we have made for you all to comment what you will like Stardoll to see suggestions &opinions  Thank-you 

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