13 October 2016

CrazyCharmy Tv Guide


Hello All,

Welcome to a new idea. I have been thinking for a while  for a new weekly post something that no other blog has done. This week we have my TV guide which as you see I have let it out that yes you are stars :) this is a trial one to see if you like it and you would like  this as a comp or for fun .

It was a friday evening with nothing to do my homework was done and all my friends was out having fun I was grounded for not eating my greens. I was channel hopping when I saw  this show starring this redhead from Italy, I had never seen her before but this show called Doctor Philotas. It was a chat show like Jerry Springer but without the swearing. 

Philotas if you accept this Challenge you must wear
 a outfit for your next show  using this 
jacket below 

It was still early only 8pm and Philotas show had finished so I  flicked over and
started to watch one of my favorite shows starring Notnoworlater . It called My Fair Lady
The show set back in the 60s, Notnoworlater plays this posh lady that has this small house 
but has a maid because she this top shot lawyer that never losers a case and never home 
because she eats at these posh restaurants or is eating at the office. Come to think of it the maid gets paid to clean up after herself :)

NotNowOrLater if you accept this challenge you must dress your doll for your next show 
You must have this shirt on below 

We come to my last show before my beauty sleep which is a must not watch as you
end up snacking but this cook makes the best cakes the show called 
Wonderfulvogue Best Bake Off 
On this show this lady has two people from the
 audience join her and she does a step by step on how 
to make these cakes and the two from the audience 
has to do the same to see if they cakes came out the
 same which if you watch the show you will see not
 one has yet :) 

 wonderfulvogue if you accept this challenge you must dress your doll has a 
TV Chef using this top below 

Time for my sleep but before I do I let you know what on my TV watch for Saturday morning :)

There is a show on at 8am and it is a must watch it stars Emorox4eva it is a repeat from Thurs night oh it is called Sing for SMW she host a live show like X Factor but without the 4 judges that act like 5 year olds :) with this show Emoro the boss and she has judges that act they age 

Emorox4eva if you accept this challenge you are to style a outfit using this top below BTW Yes I did borrow it and cleaned it to :) 

One more show has to be the weather before I plan my weekend if daddy lets me out :)  I always watch the one starring JanaStarlite as what ever she says is always right 

Jana if you accept this challenge tomorrow show your boss wants you to wear this jacket below, see if you can make a great outfit using the jacket.

If you like this post and think it will be fun to join in I need you to open your wardrobes I need your user names and I need to to step up to the challenge  


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