31 October 2016

Philotas Sweet Shop


  Twas the night before Christmas ( Just Kidding)

Hello All, I would like to tell you about a lady called Philotas. She owned a sweet shop with her two evil twin sisters  Aonuk and Sumandark . How to decide these girls, well just picture two angels with horns these girls had everything they looks the best fashion and all the guys loved them I never understood how until one Sunday when my best friend woke up on her 18th Birthday she sat up and saw this girl sitting on her chair, this girl spoke and only said " Hi am WonderfulVogue your genie oh and BTW you are a witch " then just went in a click of a finger , Nope sorry kidding again she went down stairs and started to raid the fridge. 
So of course Philly text me telling me to come now .When I turned up she told me all that happened so we both went to find this genie and asked first was she lost or did she escape from jail? Wonder popped her head up looked right at us with cream around her face and laughed at us .The twins entered next and ask over and over again did you get one? One what Philly asked ? A genie Aonuk said we got one on our 18th . You get 3 wishes Sumandark said . We did 5 small one and it was so much fun we made our 6th wish be that we had 1000 more wishes we  have 0 left so as we older than you and we so much more better than you what we want you to do is to make your 1st wish be that you can wish forever. It is all in the wording Aonuk said . with that Wonder popped her head back up and said Hi I am the Genie and after you two demons opps witches did your wishes the rules are changed 3 wishes are all you get. Sumandark popped up well one of them, we will just make sure that money will never be a problem. 

Philly took me into the store and asked is this for real ? I could only say well that explains how your sisters get . but before I was able to finish a lady came into the store it was Notnoworlater  she was my aunt and well she was rich she married into money so her sister my mum never saw a penny anyway she came in and turned her nose up to most of Philly sweets ( Homemade BTW) she never even spoke to me we only got to see her on holidays but again never mind my aunt asked for some dark chocolates for her maid as it was her birthday she said you would think paying her would be enough but know her husbands wants her buying the staff gifts to if only there was staff to buy her staff gifts. Philly wrapped the chocolates up and my aunt turned round and said I hope that was in the cost, Philly said no it was free then turned to me and said ("I WISH SHE WOULD KNOW HOW TO BE STAFF"). And with that wish my aunt became Philly's staff and was behind the counter serving . Philly and I so needed a drink but we looked for Wonder instead and asked did she do that ? Wonder said yes your wish is my command master.

Philly and I then knew this was real and we had to think what the 3  next wishes was going to be 
We made a list
No1- We wish Stardoll would go back to 2009 but with better graphics 
No2- The twins was to be sent to Mars 
When Philly thought of No3 that was it we never carried on with the list 
No3 was that Philly homemade sweets was to be made with a wish for every buyer 
But before the 3rd wish was made Phily 2nd wish did send her sisters to Mars for one year Philly was not a bad person she just wanted to raid the twins closets :)

So ladies if you expert this challenge I would like you to dress on how I made you out to be 
And for the ones that are not named you are Philly's customers so tell me if you had a wish what would it be ? 

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