24 October 2016

Crazy Charmy's Coffee Morning

Good Morning All,

How was your weekend ?  :)

This week I am going to talk about my 1st coffee with a few of my friends



We all hadn't seen each other in a while so I text all my friends and asked no TOLD them that we needed a catch up and I needed the latest gossip on the other dolls.

Philotas was the first to turn up, it was pouring down heavy and Philo had had a nightmare getting to mine as our friend CyberEmpress was meant to be picking her up and coming together but Philo told me that NotNoOrLater had made Cyber come into work and clean the house from top to toe as NotNowOrLater had a dinner party for later in the evening. Which was news to me, Philo asked if I was invited as she hadn't been which my reply was no. Well that was it we both wondering why and wondered who was going. Philo knew that Mamerala was going as Philo and her had gone Shopping and spent over £1000 on a dress, when I was told that I said that might be why we not invited as we don't have £1000s to spend on just one dress. Mamerala always had the money as she was always good with coding so had  got offered anything she wanted to work at her place, Took her 3 months to get to the top. Shh don't let her know I let on about that . Next to turn up was Notnoworlater when I said in a sarcastic tone "You running late for a reason? How Cyber as she was meant to meet up too" Notnoworlater said in her posh voice " No just had to do a few bits and Cyber asked for extra hours as she needing the money for her holiday" Well as you can guess looks was made around the room but Philo and I just left it  and I poured another Coffee for Philo and I and a Green Tea for the ladyship :) but as I love my gossip I asked if Notnoworlater had any and of course she did Notnoworlater as you may guess knew everything about everyone even before we knew anything about ourselves. Anyway Notnoworlater told us that Wonderfulvogue and Emorox4eva was going to record their first Cd this week they group was called Flexuremoon they had mixed both their names together and are a soft rock band. Notnoworlater said that one of the songs was about her. The title ( I Can Not Live Without My Maid ) Came to mind, might Tweet the girls and see if they would please name it that and credit they friend CC for it :)

 Aonuk and Sumandark turned up late as always these ladies are always together you would think they were sisters both had handbags dogs as I call them , both ate the same food and even wear the same outfits sometimes. And OMG they even finish each other's sentences. these ladies owned  they own business they owned  a top dog nightclub for all the stars out-there.

Yes you're right I have never seen the inside of it just like I have never seen the inside of Tiffany's wait nor the outside :)and Yes of course the Ladyship has, even my Xmas gift came from there a Candle with Tiffany's on . Oh and keep this to yourself I burnt it down it Tiff :) Anyway back to the twins :) These ladies knew it was a catch up with the girls and they knew that most of us ie Philo and I would be wearing our comfy clothes baggy sweaters and jeans. With these ladies they came wearing they designer labeled clothes you know what I mean the ones like Chanel :/  but never mind these two are the go to girls to find out who doing what. Well I thought so but all they talked about was that CyberEmpress was going into business with them and will be running the new place in Florida. Well as you may have guessed Philo and I looked at notnoworlater and saw that she was not happy . 
There was more but you will have to come to our next coffee morning if you want to know oh and must have the gossip to share 

So ladies if you see your name you must please style your doll in how I made you out to be 

I will pick three I like and will gift you something from your wishlist  

Please remember to look at this post that we have made for you all to comment what you will like Stardoll to see suggestions &opinions  Thank-you 

Till Next Week 
And It is Halloween 
So What Will We Be Bringing You 

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