26 October 2016

D.I.Y Suites

This week I want to bring you something simple and cheap again . I want to say this was not my idea I have to credit this to our last week featured  doll Ebinissia as you see her in the picture above I love the idea of just placing a frame around and make a picture.

So I will be using these frames at 5sd for me. You can use any frame that you want as I know these cost 60sd altogether

Place the frames around the suite make the large as you can this keeps the cost down also *Note make you doll small for now 

Next you need a wall I am using the Stardesign wall panels as you see below

Now just add some items into the picture or out of the picture 

Like this one below

Now instead of having  to keep spending ages making a new room all you have to do is just change the background as you see below 

Now with these you can
Hide your doll
Dress your doll to match the background
Change the wall colour
Add items into the picture 
And so much more 

This is a great way to get use out of all our interiors without having to change the room or buy more items  

Till Next Week 


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