23 October 2016

Suggestions & Opinions For Stardoll

Hello Stardoll and Stardoll users 

Please read below and comment if you wish. if you want to add anything in private and not on here then please message any of the writers and we will update the post or message us on FB/Twitter

Crazy Charmy's Suggestions & Opinions

This post is needed, we have wanted to make this post for a while now and with how Stardoll has been acting plus with Rumours going round that they have fired people and worries that Stardoll is closing we need ANSWERS we need Updates that are important we need Stardoll to fix Glitches I own a LE dress that has never fitted Hair that hasn't and most of my Miss Sixty has stopped fitting

So For me what I am not happy with
Well let me start with day one when Stardoll started to really make me unhappy

Callie's Pick came out - So OK you pleased some of your users but did you think about the one that would not be happy ? Have you noticed that less get sold in the Bazaar since this store came out.
Can I tell you Stardoll that since you have brought this store out any of my items that you chose to bring out I lost Value on them and so did 100% of your users. Before Callie if we was to by something for lets say 400sd we could sell it for that price or more. but now no chance
Have you also seen that in what a year only 20 % of items in the bazaar are over 400sd ? So with that users can spend less on the game. I should know I used to spend £60 a month on the game I now spend £0

Stardoll Do you not ever think to ask us what we want or think what should go ?

The sad queen's Suggestions & Opinions

I'm fine with callie as it help with buying pretty old items, I do not like breaking rules to buy these items and some do not even have them or willing to sell, the issue is that stardoll release recent items so it's hard to resell the items we have just bought in few months or three years ago if we no longer want. If items were really old, freebies, non sellable items then it will be helpful and sellers won't have issue as many collectors are ready to pay for original.

 Rest of my list might be long, but they release a lot so since they are releasing less now they can work on these.

-Fashion: more useful base templates, and no more removing older ones. (corset, sock, boys shoes, boots...etc)
lace, beads...etc fabrics.
I've seen good option on I-dress up of a simple paint option to draw our own piece, this will help with limit issue.
-Interior: more materials options; wood, glass...etc and more base templates.
-Jewellery: more useful pieces with different material shades. allowing it to be giftable
-Hair: if possible 5 hair pieces for 1 SD's. allowing it to be giftable.
-Tattoo stardesign: I've many ideas simple one just creating body parts templates for both boys and girls without any shape then put them in interior instead of the one there.
-DIY: if this can be done it will make fashion and decor designing much better, as they did before but this time as designs pieces(buttons, studs, chains, corset/strips/straps, fabric pieces...etc).
-If possible layering hair designs with jewelry designs.

-More extra rooms also themed rooms (desert, streets, garden...etc) if possible.
Another good option in I-dress up is having a green house room which you can buy and grow roses in if you would like.
-Floor options, I did not like how they just changed floors into wood and without colors option, so more basic options(wood, ceramic...etc) and colors will be better as DIY doesn't always have basic floor options and it will be cheaper for non SS. app did have changing colors option except for material option.

Trade option:
Stardoll could allow one of the staff or callie crew to be middle person to deliver items safely to each one of the players within specific time.

More payment options:
Some countries do not have good options at all to buy SS or SD's, I understand that it's hard to make deals with payment companies, but trying will be so helpful, also I do not understand why SS gifts became for specific options only they should be for all options phone...etc depending on value not only credit or paypal and few others. I remember buying SS with phone and received SS gift in past.

-Removing taxes if possible and allowing SD's transfer without needing SS but at specific level.
-A survey once in a while to ask about what we liked, what we did not like and if we want other things.
-Finding any solution to increase security and IP ban hackers if possible, there's still these scam GB posts and whatever we write some newbies do not see/read our warnings and end up scammed.
-Re-fixing words sensor as many words or a paragraph form considered bad language when it's not.

I think we have covered what we would like to see happen and changed :) To our users please add anything you would like to see

And so on

This will be sent to Stardoll on Friday and fingers crossed they read this and get back to us 
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