25 May 2016

D.I.Y Suite

Good Morning All,
    Welcome to our fourth D.I.Y of my dolls new home, So far we have a back and front garden and last week she was able to unpack some of her items into her new Hallway. This week she gets to have her Kitchen which is good as she has had to live on take away Not Good :)

So we need the background I have picked the minimalism interior to have the view on the side

So to start I will use two ovens and a fridge designed by catdesigns1  and also the grey items from D.I.Y store

Below I have placed them to the back and added some tiles designed by Rosie.doll 

Behind the ovens I have placed two DIY Stoves from the plaza 

So as you see below it is coming along I have used some grey panels and poles  to the back so this makes it look like she has wallpaper and tiles 

Now for the front sideboard I have used the grey items from diy and added a pole to hold the side up
and then added two cabinets that are in sc  as you see in the two pictures below 

So now we need to just make every item size right as you see I have made the fridge bigger and added a door to the right side of the room 

Now to add colour and for my doll to unpack :) 
Below she unpacked all her kitchen items plus placed her plants into the room she has been food shopping and placed them into the cupboards and has made breakfast, so do pop round 

Well I hope you like it next week we will be making the dining room 

 So thanks for popping in till next week take care

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