13 May 2016

D.I.Y Suites

 Hello and welcome to our second week of our D.I.Y suites as promised this week we are making the front lawn of my dolls new home

So again the interior I have picked one with grass in, you could always make your own but I like to pick different interiors as for one I paid for them :) and two this way I can remember what room is what
 Next we need the front of the house I am using the panels that are designed by Rosie.Doll  using these my advise is get them all out into the room and go over them all at the same time to size them to how you want them, this way it is quicker and you have them all the same size

As you see below you then place them along the top of the room 

 Next you will need a door and two windows, I have paid for the ones from D.I.Y store again with the two windows take them out and size them to the size you want at the same time and then place them where you would like them /

Now I have placed one of the diy pavements and some of the ivy covered bricks and used them as hedges plus I made some steps to go up to the door

So the add some of these bushes as you see below around the edge of the garden

For the inside of the window I have added the wood panels/walls from LE and the green wallpaper for flooring from the plaza

Soi for the finishing touches I added some more plants/greens :) a few pets I still have more items to add myself but you have a few ideas to take away with you without seeing me over fill the room :) 

Hope you found this helpful next week we move into the hallway my doll gets a roof over her head :) 

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