6 May 2016

D.I.Y Suites

Good Morning 

Welcome to our first D~I~Y Suites 

I have thought of doing a week by week suites where we get to build a house with 
Front and back garden 
Hallway and Kitchen 
Living room and Dining room
My Dolls Bedroom and Ensuite Bathroom
Child's room and My dolls Office

And this idea is thanks to Rosie.Doll and I have her permission to share these ideas 

So to build our home we need to start with our back garden which is a must as I am doing my own 
garden at the moment as it is going to be nice to do this with no mud down my nails 
So above I picked a outdoor interior to use as a starting point  
I have some wall panels that look like fencing and also adding the stone foundation mid

 With these make them a touch bigger and place them around the middle of the room

Next we need some grass with that my advice is always take these out and place them where you need them and then bring the stone walls forward 

Next now for the ground you can either use grass or the diy pavements, I will be using the grass I usd
the grass pouf as you see below

And then I added some of the ivy covered brick and made a hedge at the side plus added a fern 

To finish of I added the new bench from PAP and a BBQ which is a must as I am having one the weekend, With the BBQ we must have some food and drink to add some colour I added two 
orange plants 

So here you have it the first room of my dolls new home do hope it doesn't rain before we build her a room indoors 

Next week we will be making the front lawn so till then have fun

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