11 May 2016

Jumpsuit Week

Hello All , 

     So how was your weekend ? Here in the UK it was HOT and I loved it I got to enjoy having friends round have a BBQ and grape juice :) even though it was busy it was great I was tired and ached for a reason..... Yes Old Age :) 

So any way this week as titled it is jumpsuit week as it warming up weather wise for most some of us will be wearing less, not me as I do no have the legs for showing of anymore :) 

So how to style some of the jump suits on our dolls and still have her look elegant 

Outfit One - Is the pink forties playsuit, Shoes from PPQ, A cream jacket from Subcouture  and the Chanel bag. My doll ready for a summer picnic with the Royals 

Outfit Two - Is the playsuit from Denim and Supply, jacket is from the very much missed Killah store, the boots are from a special offer which I always put on my doll. Here she is ready for a fun day at the sea front 

Outfit Three - Here we have the pearl body suit from PPQ I added the white long skirt from YH plus the belt then added the robe from Stardoll and the city  with this outfit my doll is ready for a evening meal on a New York City restaurant .

Outfit Four - Is the Butterfly Romper from Rio, I added the LE long black jacket and the S.A.P Pants with shopping bags. This jumpsuit is not easy to wear with anything. 

Outfit Five - Now we have the Star Jumpsuit which was a freebie now I love the bottom part so I added a top from PPQ and some white trainers from Basic. 

So I hope you can take some ideas away with you or even share some ideas and yes I am sorry it did seem a PPQ styling post :) 

Till next week have fun stay safe 

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