18 May 2016

D.I.Y Suites

 Good Morning All,
    Here is our third week of diy suites, this week I will be making my dolls hallway for her home. Here below I am using one of the LE interiors I have started by adding a door and one of the windows but only showing half of the window in the room

Next I added four wall panel designed again by Rosie.doll and four of the DIY white wall panels as you see below

So next I added some stairs these ones I think go great, I was going to add DIY flooring but for now I think the floor that ready on the interior goes great 

So now my doll needs to move in her furniture in this corner she has added the PAP chair with 2 cushions and added a few pink touches of ornaments next a one of a kind picture 

  Well we now to the end I added two rugs and other items to finish of the Hallway and of course my pets. Just always remember to add and take away items till you're happy with how it looks

So till next week have fun and play safe xoxo

                                                   Next Week we moving into making my dolls kitchen
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