30 May 2016

Styling With The New Bonjour Bizou !!

Good Morning/Afternoon All

               This Monday we are styling with the new release from Friday, I got a few items that I did like and some that are nice so why not lets style them, Yes two are dresses  :)

First one is the is the sunset dress

No 1 - I have added the Fendi peach scarf and the gold tweed shrug from Bonjour Bizou
No 2 - I added the Riviera Wrapping Jacket and also the new bag from the new collection

Second one is the blue bikini top
No 1 - I added the Hot Buys Retro Flares with a sc scarf from Voile
No 2 -  I have added the beige pant from Its Girls and the Hot Buy feather band also a tiny tattoo :)

Third one is the
No 1 - My doll is wear the LE Shorts and Jet Set Black Boots
No 2 - She wearing the high waisted trousers and the S.A.P Jacket

Fourth one is the white crop top 

No 1 - Is carmo jeans from Falling Angel the LE bag and the Antidote jacket 
No 2 - I added the Basic Shorts and the Casual Jacket from Original Future

 Fifth one is the last two items I got

No 1 - Is the Blue dress with the black sweater knot  and a bag from Chanel

No 2 - Is the Cardi with that I added the cream bodycorn a beige bag and a necklace from PPG

So did you buy anything? How would you style any of the items you was able to get?

Thanks for popping in please come again 
 Till next time 
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