4 May 2016

Sweater Week

Hello All, 
            Hope you are all doing well and having a great week, As you see all of your writers have had a busy week so far and it is only Wednesday . With my week and how it is going I am thinking of spending the rest of it in bed you know how it goes the saying when someone tells you "I am having one of them weeks" 

So anyway I thought this week styling I would style sweaters I have had people come to me and say I never put that on my doll as I just did not know how to style it. Which I find that a lot even I have no clue how to style some items as it is not something I would wear but with sweaters I have worn a lot this year as in the UK we have had a wet cold few months even now we have hail and snow :(  Plus I do not own a coat can not stand wearing them so heavy,

Number One- Its Girl hot Buy Sweater-  I used the pants from Supertrash store these have a touch of pink to match the pink on the sweater I then added some Uggs from Apres Ski, This I would wear spring time 

Number Two - Chanel Sweater- Here I used the LE Jeans a nice light pair as you do not want to wear anything dark as the top is a Spring/Summer top, Shoes are from Pretty n love then I added some shopping bags and a bag from Fendi Store ,  

Number Three- Holiday Hot Buy Sweater- I added Plaid jeans and a black tank top just to go inbetween the sweater and jeans and then a pair of red Christian Louboutin and to top it of a Pucci shoulder bag from Royalty store ,

Number four - Its Girl belted sweater- Here I added the checked pants from also Its Girls and Shoes from Subcouture and a everyday bag from Nelly 

Number One - Knit sweater from Apres Ski With grey pants from the same store to match the grey on the sweater I added a yellow coat from Miss Sixty  some black boots from the store Nelly and to top it of a bag from the tribute store Versace

Number Two- The old Sweater from Its Girls here I added some pants from S.A.P a red belt  the glasses are from Jetset and I added a necklace this one is from LE

Number Three - The Flapper Cardi from Decades - So I added some Flares these are from LE a Tassel purse which is also from LE and to finish this of I added some wedges

 Number Four- A sweater from Original Future with the Elle skirt this one from Callie the Hot Buy Boots from Bonjour Bizou and to top it of a necklace this one is from LE

So here you go eight sweaters making eight outfits

My favorite sweater at the moment is the sweater in the picture below :)

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