22 May 2016

Museum Miles Spoilers!

 Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. There was huge spring parade in my hometown, for Expo 2016 (Antalya, Turkey). It was so fun. Me and my friends followed those weird costumed people with cheerful crowd. There was band included too, and songs played everyone knows for ages. So we partied with entire town with all the random people. Also I had an exam but nothing really expected, I entered for lols. Maybe will be serious in 2018. So here are the spoilers! 

 The theme is 100 years of Fashion. As you can see, there are Victorian, Edwardian, roaring twenties, Piet Modrian, Great Depression era, microphone reminds me of Peggy Lee songs, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, impressionism, cubism... I have quite an idea what to buy. 

Here is a link for everything 

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