19 May 2016

Raise the Flags

Hi ! 

I hope everyone is having a nice week. Today instead of a long story, I brought a challenge to dress-up in flag colours. 

So I visited couple of my friends from different countries and dressed their dolls according to their flags. First pic is my doll: CyberEmpress from Turkey.

Our flag consists of red, white, moon crescent and star. Also the bottom is often called harem or Turkish pants. Although this is not their original form, it is called "shalvar". Often worn in fields by ladies at farms. Also men wear them sometime in different colors. While women shalvars are mostly flower patterns and in various colours, men's are darker colours without any pattern. However the original shalvar is this: 

A Couple Wearing Shalvar at Country Side of Turkey
Items in the picture: 

  • Archive - Red Pleather Trousers
  • Inspired by Balmain Tribute - Fire Red Blazer
  • Rio - Rio Pleather Bag
  • Valentino Tribute - Red Rockstud Pumps
  • Antidote - Starry Ripped Sweater

The next dolls is CrazyCharmy 
She is one of our writers as well from UK. I wanted to keep the stripes in her outfit. I added flares and comfy shoes since she loves them. 
  • Limited Edition - Pleated LE White Suit Pants
  • Facebook Gift - Boxer Lace Up Boots
  • Miss Sixty - Zizi Singlet
  • Rio - Palermo Style Faux Fur

Another DailyDose writer is NotNoworLater 

She is from Germany. When I was in middle school, one of our mandatory classes was German Language. I learnt it a lot then, however I couldn't continue after entering high school.  I really love their culture and food. Also a country great at engineering. I hope to visit it next year. 
Her outfit:
  • Windows on the World - Yellow Shimmy Skirt
  • Subcouture - Tote of African Daisies 
  • Callie's Picks - Studded Bracelets
  • Velvet Orchid - HotBuys Patent Lipstick Platforms
  • Inspired by Balmain Tribute - Fire Red Bandeau
  • Strike A Pose - Satin Laced Top
  • Limited Edition - Perfect Boxy Blazer
I saw mamerala already in her flag colours of Egypt. I just changed the belt for its gold one.

I'd love to list the items she used for the dress but they don't really make sense alone, since the dress itself is her unique creation

Ashshila is my friend from Malaysia. She has an amazing skill at finding the best pieces in best prices. Her closet is one of wonders of stardoll in my opinion. 

  • Chanel Tribute - Over Shoulder Chanel Coat
  • PPQ of Mayfair - White Tennis Skort
  • Callie's Picks - Burgundy Ruffle Blouse
  • Dolce & Gabbana Tribute - Tracolla Crystal Bag
  • Tingelling Halloween Couture Resurrected - Blood Red Stack Heels
  • The JetSet - Turtoiseshell Frame Glasses 
  • Riviera - Solid Gold Choker
  • Fallen Angel - Chain Tie

What about you? Dress up in your flags and show us! Also I would love see some cultural pieces and information about them. 

♥ Cyber ♥ 

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