23 May 2016

Styling With The New Antidote

Good Morning all,

So Stardoll released a new Antidote Friday and earlier than normal so a lot of us missed out.

Have you ever seen something you like tried the item on and thought no not for me ? but then seen it on another doll and thought you wish you had got it. Well I have and now see that is because at the time it did not look good as my doll had a different hairstyle, So now I make sure I am wearing a plain blonde wig or even the short one in Tress Up before I try anything on

                 Anyway lets try some styles with some items that I paid for from Antidote

One - Jeans from Antidote, Jacket from LE, Top from Rio the bag is from Nelly and heels from Miss Sixty 

Two - Jean jacket and black bandeau from Antidote the pants from S.A.P 

Three - Dotty shirt from Antidote,Jeans from Valentino the jacket from D&G also we have the pink bag from Dior belt from LE and Shoes are from Fendi 

Four - Grey top from Antidote with a skirt from Royalty and the White top from PPQ to top it off add a pair of white sandals 

 Five - Jean Dress from Antidote with the double layer skirt from Its Girls again the PPQ white top and the denim sandals from Antidote 

Six - Jacket from Antidote that sold out in minutes I added again the PPQ white top basic, skirt from Elle or even Callie. Boots from Jetset, Necklace from LE and the Same with the sunglasses 

Seven - Skirt from Antidote with a basic top from Underneath the jacket is from Callie and shoes from Fallen Angel 

So here are some of my ideas I hope you like them, Please do share your outfits

Till next week have fun play safe

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