26 May 2016

Punk is Not Dead

Hi dollies! Today I’m discussing about punk! I like the spirit of revolutionary, so I believe the era has a good sense in it.

I found one of Iguana.Night 's suite which inspired me to write this post. His doll is one of my favorites on stardoll. 

As CNN says:  In the '70s, punk gave rock music back something it was missing in the '60s -- danger.

As cheesy as the headlines sound, danger is the turning point for 70s rock. The foundations of the punk was garage music in ‘60s. Kids with limited music skills, took the instruments in their hands and started to hit them. They didn’t care whatever the music rules are. *They probably spat on my Czerny etudes I spent hours of practice* But what's more alluring than feeling of Freedom?

Garage band by Mamerala

The Velvet Underground” which disbanded at ’73, was like the prototype of punk rock. It was formed in New York City. Not only been influential for punk rock, but also for alternative music. After all it was managed by Andy Warhol. He is the father of “Pop Art”. He led many movements such as visual art, gay liberation. Brought all sorts of people in a pot for his art. His paintings are among the most expensive ever sold. But have you ever been to an exhibition about him? It worth a visit, and I hope you catch his sarcasm.

If you go pass, matisse, dali, van gogh etc we had some pieces about Andy Warhol with infamous Antidote collection you might need to pay an arm for a piece. Especially for that the Velvet Underground & Nico (1677) album cover Tee. You'll relate some pieces to this week's 100 years of Style, Museum Miles

MC5 and Iggy & the Stooges came down at late 60s, and made rock ‘n roll into a fashionable mess. It meant to be noise. Ever heard “I wanna be your dog”?  Personally original Iggy is my favorite Iggy but that era is not the glam. “Gimme Danger” is an ear candy though. And y’all probably heard “Kick out the Jams” of MC5, which created the explosion for its obscurity.

Kick Out the Jams album

The explosion has gone off from Detroit of USA to wide across the Atlantic. “CBGB” nightclub in NYC was the most famous one where you see the rising stars then performed their gigs. And Ramones! The remaining original member died 2 years ago, leaving a hole in our heart. The legendary band who fit 14 songs into 30 minutes. You can hum “Blitzkrieg Pop”, can’t you?

Me cosplaying Ramones, tight distressed jeans, moto jacket, t-shirt and sneakers. Not a single member of ramones spared from long hair with fringes

And “Sex Pistols”… should I censor the name? They and the Clash were huge in London. “God Save the Queen” describes what they are. They were rebellious teens; loud and anarchist. Their popularity point was notoriety.
The Clash saved the quality of the punk rock at some point. There was more depth in their music than short songs with couple of lyrics and spitting. “London Calling” is good stuff!
During late 70's a wave of bands came out. They became diverse under different subgenre.s They continued to be rebellious towards many things from politics to emotional problems. Towards 80's they had a decline.

FlyingNose gives vibes of a modern punk 

What's your punk look? Bring out dem jeans and moto jackets!

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