21 July 2016

Day 2 D.I.Y Post (Hollywood )

As Cyber is  busy I thought I would do another D.I.Y post using the Callie' Gift

Hollywood Sign / Lamp, Really who will use this as a lamp in a room ? 

So you can either use a dark background interior or a daytime one, even make one using sky blue or black wall panels from stardesign, I have gone for this one below *Note I might change it yet

As you see above I am using the Green plant items that are in sc and I am staring front to back. start by making them large in the front not to big and as you place them behind make them smaller 

( Or even make some big then add smaller ones in-between them all )

Once you are done add these two items if you have any if not you can always just add some items that look like rocks and some thing with the colour orange in it

I then got these and added them at the back to look like bushes 

Now I added these spotlights at and placed them in the back 

To top it off I added some trees and yes the New Gift :) 

And Here Is The Finished Room It took Me Just 30 Mins To Make 
And Yes I changed The Back Ground :) 

Also Remember you have till Monday the 25th to enter our comp Click HERE

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