20 July 2016

D.I.Y The Park

Good Afternoon All, 
How are you all? It is far to hot here in Sunny UK

So as it is hot I am bringing you a park using the Callie's Background we got last month 

So first you need to make a path , I am using the dark grey design wall panels 

You can use the carpet shaped ones if you have them, if you don't then use these and place them down till they look like this

Next I am adding 3 Ivy Brigades reason why is well I paid for them months ago and never got round to using them lol 

Now to add LOTS off green :) I am using these in sc below I know there is over 77 of them but you do not have to us that many you can just use half that amount and make them larger 

Here is how the park is looking so far 

Also added some of this plant things to make them look like rocks 

Next you can added some of these leaf items into the green area along with some more rocks
You then get this effect below 

Add a couple of these trees just make them as big as you can and place then in the bushes 

Then add two of these items below on the top of the tree and make them a touch larger 

To get this effect  below 

Then all I did was add some animals And just left it like that :) 
You may add more or even less 

Till next week 
Bye For Now 


Also Remember you have till Monday the 25th to enter our comp 
Click HERE 

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