28 July 2016

Monthly UpDate

Hello All,

While we waiting for Stardoll to release spoilers, which should be some time this year :/ I am sorry but Stardoll seems to be leaving it so late before they put them up but I do remember the only time spoilers came out was on the day of release not a day before, so maybe they are going back to that way

Anyway It is near to the end of another month and we been going four months now

We are getting more and more visitors so we like to Thank-you for that.
I have noticed that a few of the guest are from SMW So this is why I am using they picture. I would like to ask our guest that have not had a chance to visit there please do and please enter they comps
I am a judge there and have seen that we are not getting the prizes out quick enough so I and Anna want to offer our help there and get these judged quickly but I would like to note that the owners do one to two comps a day and when we judge trust me we find it hard to pick winners and we have to also give a reason
So anyway please do visit and trust me any prizes are giving out that is offered
Click HERE  to visit and please any help you need you may ask here on any post

So for us SDD we have had a busy month again with more tributes, I thought they would never end and my sd did suffer
We changed our template and we hope you like it :)?  Please do say if you are finding any problems.

As always we like to ask if you would like to see anything different posted ?

Also would like to Thank all the new visitors and also seeing more users enter our comps

Anything else ? Yes please do not forget to enter this week comp :)

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