11 July 2016

Styling with D&G

Hello All, 
1st one was so easy this one is my favourite outfit, My doll wore it all week now, the pants went so well with the Fendi bag :)

Next outfit using the D&G Skirt 

This one was not easy at all the YH top was the only one I liked with it 

*Note use a skrit from Underneath if you wish the skrit not to be see though *

This one was east using the Book D&G Bag  made my doll look like she was ready for her 1st day at college ( I also added some Black heels and the glasses from Jet Set ) 

Next we have a going out style using the crop top from D&G

Next one I kept simple and elegant using the other D&G top and *Note I do not remember buying this bag :) But it is cute :) 

My last one as I never got a lot from this tribute is the cream and gold coat
I left this one simple by adding some gold shoes. I see others added loads of layer underneath and I ask my self why? You are making your doll look like she is wearing a tent :) 

So till next week 
Have a great week
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