1 July 2016

Updates On Stardoll Daily Dose

Hello All And Happy 1st of July,

Just a post to thank all off our visitors that have stuck by us this month. As most of you know all us writers have been very in the real world so we have not been around as much to comment so again thank-you

We have still got the Tributes and Limited Spoilers out on time and will still just stick to making sure one of us gets them ready. For other spoilers if one of us is on we do get them posted

So didn't we have a busy June and costly one ? :) but it was worth it Stardoll did do well with this years tributes the graphics was just wow and the items was worth ever sd oh and sc ;)

We are not going to go on about the problems Stardoll and users faced the Weekend just gone as Stardoll has explained why also is still dealing with the problem
All we will say is please just help Stardoll by following they rules keeping your self safe add Ad Blocker and a Anti-Virus also change your password every two weeks Clear your History and you should be fine :)

To our new commenters ,
Hello 1st of all it is nice to see you here we are happy to see that you like it here 
To our guest that are just popping in thank you as well and I hope you are happy with what we do 

 Our Daily Post are to be 

Mondays - Styling

Tuesdays - Competition Every two weeks till we have more guests 

Wednesdays - D.I.Y Suites 

Thursdays - Cyber s Post  

Fridays - Suite Inspirations

Saturdays - Designer Of The Week 

Sundays - Fun 

Your Writers are 

Click on our names if you need to talk to us on Stardoll 

So that is it for now any questions feel free to ask
Anything you would like to see on here please ask :)

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