13 July 2016

D.I.Y Suites

Hello All,

 This weeks  D.I.Y I am going to start with this interior. 90% of users have paid for it and most just put some flowers in the room and that is it,

So I want to show you how to add a wow factor to this old run down background :)

So you can make this into a 
Living room

I want to make a ????????????? 

First of all we need to make the ceiling I used the wall panels from star design 
Next we need to hide the vine fences, so I added blue walls
make the side walls darker 

Windows next  and flooring I am using the window from D.I.Y store and flooring 
also added a blue rug
Now what did I make this room into ?
Well  picked a bedroom kept it simple and cheap

You can add more than what I have added I just wanted to show you how to make this background different 

Here is mine with the finishing touches 

Till Next Week 
Have Fun Bye For Now 

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