12 July 2016

New Competition

Hello All, 

This week Comp is going to be this 


Pick a Number between 10 and 20 ,
Click onto Colour in your closet 
Count up to the number you picked (No Cheating )
Now make the best outfit using any item in the colour you picked 
You do not have to stick to the colour using other items
You can use other dolls 

Mine was number was 10 so my colour is grey So I picked this top that I have never wore as we never had the store Underneath but now we do I made this outfit :)

So are you going to give this a go ? 

Prizes Are

1st Place 30sd item in wishlist
2nd Place 20sd in wishlist
3rd Place 10sd in wishlist 

As only two entered our last one  
Suman came 1st
Aounk came 2nd
So please can both of you place a item in your wish list
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