6 July 2016

D.I.Y Suites

Hello All,

   Today I thought I would bring you the Black and White room. Here I will show you how to make your own one of a kind room using just two shades but still having the WOW factor

I have been looking on google and what I am going to do is take bits from each picture and use them in my room

So I need a window and some black and white wall design panels . BTW I have not even thought what the room will be. You can make it into a office a bedroom, living room even kitchen.
So using the panels I made them as big as they go and lined them all the way down the wall and placed a window in the middle took this idea fro this picture below

I added this for the window view and also added the 4 blinds placed them behind the window

Next I am using two frames in sc and these trees to make two picture either side of the window and 
yes as you see I have added a bed 

I took the idea of the tree from this picture below 

So to finish the room off I changed the bed, then added a black chair,stool and table . Added two white rugs then added black and white bits and bobs 

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