18 July 2016

Styling With The Tribute Balmain

Good Afternoon All,

 How was your weekend, Mine was peaceful and relaxing which was a first for me in a while,
So what did I do ? Did I go out and enjoy the warm weather ? I wish this year I am suffering with hayfever so all I do in this weather is go out put my washing on the line water my plants and come back in :(
Anyway Styling Balmain
This tribute was a shock, I thought we only had 4 a year and not one of them was Chanel :/

My 1st one is the one above I used the Balmain body suit which was my favourite piece and I added these below,

Next outfit I want to style the dress

What would have gone great with this would have been some white stocking and blue boots
but I added the Chanel bag :) and shoes from YH

My third outfit I bring you the ruffle pants
So east to style find about 15 tops to go with these and do not over dress your doll
Show Off these pants, you did pay a lot for them :)
I just added the Balmain top from last years tribute and some black heels 

Next one I used the pink cardi and added the bustier top along with the legging from Balmain even the shoes are from lat years Balmain :)
Next we have the Pink Coat. Anna found this hard to style 
Well Anna (Wink) My doll just added some black and gold boots with some stocking she as a black little number underneath as she about to get meet her other other for his birthday :) lol 
Next we have the skirt 

I kept this simple and just added a little more gold :) with the white lace top from YH also added the choker from Balmain

Here is three more outfits using Balmain pieces, and BTW the only items that are not Balmain is the brid cage bag the white skirt and top which are from YH other items are lat years Balmain 
I have to say for me this Balmain was the best one this year, I can see me using more of these items than the other tributes 

What about you all ? Which was your favourite and why ? 

Which was your favourite piece ? 

Also Remember you have till Monday the 25th to enter our comp 
Click HERE 

Till next week have fun 
Bye For Now 

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