7 July 2016

Styling You

Good Morning All 
So sorry on the last post, My Tune Up thought it would be nice to Defrag my pc  at 5pm and took 10 hours as oops I have not done it in well OK over a year :) but anyway this meant it made my browser run slow and I can not be on it while it is as I will crash the pc out the window :)

This did mean I got to play Sims with my kids we were all in a room playing Sims hey 21st century family time lol ( Note I was not on mine I was watching my kids play :) My Son was on mine doing well not sure think he made me a prison 

So this means that this post I bring you well You our Writers and Friends that are here I thought I would style you 

First we have 


Here I made a outfit using the Barbie gold and black jacket 

Next I bring you 

Here   I was not able you style her, her closet was locked only because her maid wears her outfits :/ 
Or the Cook ;) He is the same size :) anyway I do love the out here 

Next is 

emorox4eva Owner of Stardoll Most Wanted a great blog very friendly 

For this lady I took her back  in time and dressed her in great items from times gone by that are cute and was 

Philotas Is up next :) 

 It is summer so I dressed her doll in a outfit that will keep her cool and still look elegant, Her dolls husband 
had to be in the picture but could I get him to smile :/ 


With this lady I made a outfit using the pants from Bonjour Bizou 

Next we have one of our new visitors

Again another locked closet, Notnoworlaters maid been everywhere I see :) 
So here I am sharing her doll and room (I want this background :) ) 
Jane is wearing one of the McQueens new dresses 

Who next ? 

Now this skirt that has been designed by a user is so well detailed. i had to style Aonuk doll around this skirt 

mamerala Is next 

I did not change her doll much as well I love her doll in these colours :0 all I dd was change the top and added
a cape  ( I now want this top ) :) This visiting is going to cost me a a lot lol 

 Next Is sumandark

I styled this doll starting with the Fendi bag and went from that :) 

I did not want to style Cyber  as I wanted to share just this with you OMG So cute :) 

Ashshila sorry it seems NotNowOrLater maid been in your closet as yours was locked to :/ 
But I could not leave you out :) 

And Me months ago look :) 
Do you ever want to change your look miss your old look and for the 
life of it you just can not get that look back ? 
I mean on Stardoll not real life , now that would be a dream to look 21 again 
You wait for the ones that are not my age you will get there and then say the same thing lol 


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