13 June 2016

Black And White To Pretty In Pink

Good Morning All.

How was your weekend ?

This week I am bringing you something different, This one is styling with different looks from leather to suits and then meet of parent in laws to be to going out and hitting the night life

So as in the title black and white the first look is has to be my leathers lets see if my doll suits anything with out having to change her hair :)

So for the 1st leather look I went for the LE leather pants the Antidote hoodie that said we paid 8sd for but it was a glitch and we paid 68sd the white top is from JetSet the items on my dolls feet are the so called sneakers from original future me I call them boots, the belts are from Fallen Angel and Mr

The 2nd leather look is the leather pants from Denim and Supply the white tee is from MSW15 and the leather jacket is from Evil Panda belt is from LE yes a touch of pink :) and the boots are from Callies

So far so good she suits the leathers

NEXT Suits my dolls day at the office :)

So for the 1st suite I am using the pants and jacket from Callie and the LE shirt which is see though so I added the tank top from Evil Panda and just some plain black heels 

2nd look I picked my favourite shirt from DKNY the Elle skirt or even released with Callie the belt is from Couture and same heels

Note* My doll looks great in a suit

So now my doll has to meet the parent in laws to be :/  I know mad face will say this I love mine to bits only because they know I am the best thing for my other half I keep him grounded lol

So as I said to meet the in laws does my doll wear the long skirt or the short 
1st look is the long skirt this one is from Film Theory 1st time I have put it on my doll will never put it on again :) I added a Hot Buy Bag and the Rose Flower Top from Callie 

Next look is the short skirt this one is from Its Girl same again 1st time I have put it on my doll and this one I will use again , the belt is from Killah and the white top is from PPQ

Wow my doll had a busy week it is time for her to let her hair down and have a night on the town 

I went for something different for my doll to hit the town  1st look she is going to a la bamba night club so for this she is wearing a hot buy skirt and the top from Saint Laurent Paris

2nd look I have gone for the blouse for the store Fallen Angel and the skirt is from Saint Laurent Pairs

The post does say Black and White to Pretty in Pink, So for the last one I am going to dress my doll for her day out n the country

1st one my doll is wearing the Pretty n Love bow dress and a Jacket  from Dior I added the necklace from PPQ and the Bow from the last Subcouture. Do not worry it has been nice all week so she won't get muddy :)

2nd look is the Hotbuy flare pants and PPQ Top seems I like this top :) I added the pink jacket but it is called a sweater( Do Not Know Why ) then to finish it off I added the LE belt 

So which look do you think looks better ? Which look is yours ?

Well thank-you for popping in I hope you enjoyed the post, My doll now off for a well earned sleep :)

Till Next week 
Take Care 

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