8 June 2016

D.I.Y Picture's

Good Morning/Afternoon maybe even Good Evening,

Will start by saying yes you read the post right , I am making D.I.Y pictures.These are a great finish to any room.

So for Pictures to hang on the wall of your sutie . I want to show you how to make three simple and cheap pictures
Using these sc items above place one on top of the other use more or less frames I have used three then I used the sc vase from Pop Shop and placed of centre to make black and white picture as you see below

Next picture

This one is simple but in sd , Here I have used three tattoos from Ink then and the same frame from the loft and I just placed the tattoo where I thought look good ... Note with the bird tat I covered the cage with a white star design panel 

Last picture. Here I wanted to show you how to make the picture of your beloved pet, I used a cat a gold frame then used some patterned wallpaper and placed it behind the gold frame I then placed a sofa behind and put my cat on the sofa :)

Tip buy one more sofa and pet and place them under your picture but please change the wallpaper :)

So this is all for now. I am still very busy to make a room
I have a son not well now he is 21 but still wants his mummy when he is ill :)
Plus Today was a busy day with shopping so till next week 

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