6 June 2016

Updates On Stardoll Daily Dose

Good Morning All, 

       I hope your weekend went well, Here we have the sun out again :) but I still have the cold :(
We just want to make a post to update you all on the changes we are making

Our Daily Post are to be 

Mondays - Styling

Tuesdays - Competition Every two weeks till we have more guests 

Wednesdays - D.I.Y Suites 

Thursdays - Cyber s Post  

Fridays - Suite Inspirations

Saturdays - Designer Of The Week 

Sundays - Fun 

We are looking for a writer to do the spoilers as the writers have a real life :) And from time to time things come up that make us very busy as you might have seen I have not been round much.

So until we find a new writer we will just make sure that the Limited and Tribute Spoilers are out on time others are no rush as they are in store for longer or are not limited 

For the Designer of the week post we are looking at asking a great designer her self to be our writer for this as I only know about suites 

I would like to Say A big Thank-you to Cyber as she has done a lot this week gone as Notnoworlater and I have been away 

As before please let us know if you would like to see something new/different we are here for you all to come have fun and see something different



Your Writers are 

Click on our names if you need to talk to us on Stardoll 

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