9 June 2016

The Age of Women

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Merhaba(tr) Everyone! 

We're finally halfway through week! Do you feel the summer? We have heat in the morning and rain at evening last two days. No.. This is Mediterranean Climate.. not Tropical. But it's not raining as heavy as there. I can't forget the showers(!) in Florida and flies suiciding over me while passing the lakes by bike afterwards. 

This week I'm a bit uninspired so thought of finding a source of inspire. Then the question came, why don't I spread the inspiration? I listed couple of inspiring women I'm awed at many times of my life. Wishing I won't get you bored

  •     Jean D'Arc (1412-1431)

This brave girl from Medieval France, became a Sainte for her deeds.  
During her childhood besides Christian studies she loved to read fairy tales. At age 16, she believed to hear the word of God, that she was assigned to task to make Charles king to the throne of France. She went to palace and told her task. She has examined by Church  and confirmed to spoke to God. She became a commander of French army. They won the war with her command, charles became the King and took her beside him. However she was captured by English army and burned at Rouen Square. 

Her death is a memorial day in 30th May in France. 
It takes ovaries of steel to command an army sometimes ;)

  •     Lady Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (1815 - 1852)

This lady mathematician and author aristocratic lady is considered the first programmer. 
She appears at the first classes of computer science. Because she gave meanings and commands to a machine made by his long time friend Charles Babbage. Babbage made an early general purpose mechanical computer. How much ever his works mutated so much further, Ada's programming notes became the backbone of programming paradigms. Well sorry about this babbling,  I just love her. 

She worked with many people, including Charles Dickens! She was popular for her "Brilliant Mind"

  • Amelia Earhart (1897 - disappeared 1937)

She was an American aviation pioneer and author. She is the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic

When Earhart was a child she and her sister used to be adventurous and loved to explore new places. Her family situation made her constantly move around, change schools. She was good at school. She volunteered as a nurse during WWI and met a lot of wounded pilots which later influenced her. 
She learned everything about flying, chopped her  hair short, and wanted to look experienced. So "worn" her jacket. During summer 1921 she bought her first second-hand biplane, the Canary!

After financial crisis she started to write articles promoting flying! She became a celebrity. 
She completed her Atlantic flight in May 21, 1932. However she was disappeared along with Fred Noonan during her flight in 1937, she was confirmed disappeared in 1939.

  • Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954)

She is one of the most famous painters of Mexico and a feminism icon. 
At very young age she had Polio which led one of her legs to wither and deforming her spine. She started to study medicine and medical illustrations. She was injured in an accident, which was giving her constant pains. To overcome all these pains she started to paint. Most of her paintings her daring self-portraits showing her suffer during her life.
She later started to get involved in politics of communism along with her husband, a fellow painter.
Everything about her life is dramatic, even her death. It's amazing how she held on to life so strong!

She is an animal rights activist, devoted herself to study primates
I read about her when I was around 11-12. I was so captivated and found her life as very exciting. She stayed for long time among Chimpanzees in Tanzania, and studied their behaviors.
She also has a great impact on ecological preservation. She is a respected member of world's scientific community. She wrote numerous articles and five major books. Although she is a minor celebrity, her books created a good bridge between scientific studies and popular entertainment.

Well all is here! I just had a reply from an old precious friend of mine!! Haven't got a message since 2012. I'm so happy. I feel full of life right now! I was so worried and occasionally would think about him.

What other people inspire you?  What's the most powerful thing to push you forward?

Since I wrote about Frida Kahlo, I feel like her  last painting before her death is very on point 
"Viva La Vida" / Cheers for the Life 
Would you have the heart to hold on to life in any situation? 

Let's make this summer of beginnings for a life worth living! 

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